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3D Museum

This web site aims to provide the pure enjoyment of looking at natural objects, mostly animal skeletons, in 3D. The new version released in October 2009 is especially re-designed for easier public access. We hope that it will trigger scientific interests among the visitors.

Brief History

  • 2003 Web site started as “Bones and Shells” display hosted by the University of Oregon and funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.
  • 2004 University of California, Davis became a new host.
  • 2006 Web site was reborn as 3DMuseum.org, with a new interface.
  • 2009 Complete redesign for public accessibility, dubbed 3DMuseum.org 2.0

Who We Are

PI & Web Site Designer


Page Contributors

  • Kelly Bice
  • Alec Boyd
  • Johnny Chau
  • Lauren Dolezal
  • Francis Finnan
  • Brett Harrison
  • Sanja Hinic-Frlog
  • Weihow Hsue
  • Kris Jett
  • Jensen Jones
  • Neil Kelley
  • Son Ly
  • Jeremy Martin
  • Ryosuke Motani
  • Tom Peryam
  • Kathryn Rose
  • Lars Schmitz
  • Ji-Yeon Shin
  • Bach Tien
  • Lisa Wagner
  • Josh Warburg
  • Becky Wieczorek
  • Yasemin Yikilmaz

Computer Support

  • Paul Waterstraat
  • Kate Hill
  • Janice Fong

Logistic Support

  • Everybody in the Geology Office of UC Davis

Host institution

Collections Used

  • Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology, UC Davis
  • Private collection of Greg Retallack
  • Private collection of Tessa Hill
  • Condon Musuem, University of Oregon; under the supervision of Bill Orr
  • Private collection of Ryosuke Motani
  • Kansas University Vertebrate Palentology Collections
  • University of California Museum of Paleontology
  • Teaching collection, Geology, University of California, Davis

Funding Sources